Child Care in the USA

In the United States, the tendency to have fewer children happens due to one simple fact: having children is an expensive affair. Just 11 years ago, the US birth rate was 2.12; today it is 1.76. It means every family in the country have, on average, less than 2 children.

The New York Times conducted a survey among adults aged 20 to 45 who, for whatever reason, do not want to have children. The first reason is the cost of caring for a child. On average, childcare in the United States costs $10,000 per year. This is more than the studying fee in most universities in the country.

Other factors that make people less likely to have children are the long-term economic consequences of the 2008 crisis and the rising cost of education. To rent or buy inexpensive housing is also not easy. In large cities across the country, fertility declines as family values lost its priorities. Many women have children no earlier than 40 years old.

Since the 1970s, the birth rate in the United States has been lower than the so-called replacement rate, that is, the country does not have enough people to keep the population and labor market stable when older citizens retire and die.

In the US, families receive up to $3,000 a year in childcare tax credits, but this support is barely noticeable that children care requires an average of 85% of the common rent.

Social benefits

If you think that the childbirth in America will provide him with free medical care and a state pension, then you will be disappointed. US hospitals treat children free of charge only in the case of insurance. If you didn’t cover insurance plan, even the treatment of a common cold will cost much.

What you will definitely get is tax problems, because all US citizens are required to pay them or report income, even when living abroad. Thus, instead of social benefits, a potential debt awaits you.

“Perfect medical care”

In the United States of America, each laboring woman is given a separate room with a shower and lavatory. Such rooms have a couch for the spouse. It seems the only advantage of laboring in the United States of America.

Firstly, American doctors are not familiar with the concepts of maternity leave. A woman enters the maternity, as in Hollywood films, when the water broke in the middle of the working day. And if the breaks between contractions are not short enough, she is sent home.

Obstetrician helps to deliver a child in the United States. A doctor is called only in case of complications.

After childbirth, a young mother immediately has a million questions, but there is no one to ask them. American pediatricians answer calls only in strictly specified hours. It is forbidden to disturb them for nothing in their free time.