Pharmaceutical Industry Internship Program

Pharmaceutical Program

Are you ready to start a career in the pharmaceutical business and need graduate training? South Jersey Family Medicine wants to tell you about a Pharmaceutical Industry Internship Program at My Canadian Pharmacy. This company is developing rapidly and needs energetic, communicative, team-able people who want to grow professionally and build their careers in this company. The online pharmacy is ready to provide all the opportunities for career growth and expansion of professional horizons to those who achieve the best results.

The internship program gives you the opportunity to start your activity in the largest pharmaceutical online company with its own production and research center while learning the skills and competencies accumulated over the entire history of the drugstore.

The team of the company consists of highly qualified specialists with advanced degrees and extensive scientific experience. Education at this pharmacy enables students to participate in work on large-scale sales of drugs, which will allow future graduates to easily adapt to work in a pharmaceutical company.

Purpose of the program

The goal of the Pharmaceutical Industry Internship Program is to attract talented and highly qualified specialists who have received pharmaceutical education. The company strives to prepare a new generation of leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. They continuously share best practices in the field of medications, trying to improve the professional qualifications of specialists.

In the final part of the internship, the company’s director will list the currently available vacancies in the pharmacy for graduates, tell about the company’s corporate culture. They will select 5 best students who will have the opportunity for further employment.

Internship program conditions

  • The duration of your internship will be determined individually and can vary from 1 to 12 months depending on the position and complexity of the work performed;
  • During the internship period, external employees are accepted as an intern under a fixed-term employment contract;
  • The content of the internship is determined by the Individual Internship Plan;
  • During the internship, My Canadian Pharmacy grants the novice specialist all the rights and benefits established for the company’s employees in the relevant position;
  • After passing the internship, the intern acquires the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to perform the duties of the position;
  • Also, if necessary, the intern undergoes compulsory training and certification in a special commission of the company, receiving admission to independent work.

Knowledge gained during the internship process is assessed by the company’s qualification commission. So, if you want to develop in theĀ pharmaceutical industry, this program is exactly what you need,