Our Team

Canadian Family Pharmacy takes pride in the quality and experience of our pharmacists! Together, we provide exceptional service to our customers.

William S. Rivera, RPh
A third-generation pharmacist. Willam has been with us for 13 years and he loves helping customers. His interests include asthma, arthritis, men’s health, immunizations, and cardiovascular diseases.

Bertha Rush, PharmD
A graduate of California State University with a Doctorate of Pharmacy. Bertha joined our team in 2011. Her interests include birth control, women’s health, and general wellbeing.

Juan Carter, PharmD
A certified pharmacist and a Graduate of NMU with a degree in Health Information Processing. 9 years experience working in our pharmacy. His interests include the treatment of viral and inflectional diseases.

Charles Clem, PharmD
A graduate of Illinois State University with a doctorate of pharmacy and our newest pharmacist team member. Charles joined our team 3 years ago and is always ready to answer all your questions and advise on the choice of medications.