Adult Wellness Program

The objective of our health care program is to decrease your risk of disease and maintain good health via healthy lifestyle choices.


Certain habits such as smoking, lack of exercise, alcohol abuse, high fat diets, occupational exposures, and even some medications can increase your risk for certain diseases. Regular care and follow-up by our physicians, along with lifestyle modifications, will help reduce the risk of developing poor health conditions.



  • Diabetes Group Education Class – Coming Soon!


  • Nutrition Specialist – At the office we are able to work closely with a Nutritionalist to make sure that both adults and children are receiving the right diet since this can play a big part in preventative medicine.


  • Mental Health Team – We are paired with a wonderful mental health group The Center for Family Guidance (located across the street) with whom we work to ensure that our patients obtain the best possible treatment for their conditions.


  • Management of Chronic Conditions – Our doctors understand the hardship of chronic conditions and pain so they work towards getting these patients the best possible care so that the management of their symptoms can be a little easier.


  • Medicare Wellness Program – Our doctors and staff are also dedicated to the needs of our elderly patients and therefore we work closely with Medicare to provide the full extent of services.